Dear Fellow Beekeepers
I have conferred with Brandon Sears of the Madison County Extension Office and due to the recent Omicron COVID surge in our State, he has asked us to cancel our January meeting.  Given the historic level of infections in our state, I agree with this assessment and I believe that it is in the best interest of everyone to cancel our January meeting and plan on meeting in February depending on the environment at that time.  The Omicron variant is just too infectious and threatening to our members.
It is now January of 2022 and we are starting the “Season of Expansion” marked by the winter solstice on December 21 of each year.  I would encourage everyone to feed their hives some sort of solid feed since the hives will be increasingly utilizing their resources during this cold weather.  I utilize the solid feed provided by Honey and Bee Connection but other bee supply companies provide these also.  You can also make your own sugar bricks if you have this inclination.
Remember that now the queen will slowly increase laying of eggs and the brood nest will begin to form in February and early March.  With this increased activity the bees will need supplemental feed in order to make it to April of this year.
Keep yourself safe this winter and get yourself ready for the nectar flow in April of this year.  I will keep everyone advised on the plans for a February meeting.  Remember that the January meeting for this year is CANCELED.

Kent J. KesslerPresident, Madison County Beekeepers Association

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