Dear Madison County Beekeepers

I am excited to announce that we will have a meeting on June 14 of this year at Camp Catalpa in Madison County at 6 pm.  This is an outdoor event but under an enclosure, there are up to 6 picnic tables present and I would invite individuals to PLEASE bring their own chairs if they so desire I would also invite everyone to bring their own drinks but there will NOT be any food provided, so NO potluck for this event. Of course we will update for any bad weather so please check your email as the event gets closer.

For those of you who do not know, Camp Catalpa is located on the other side of Lake Reba and can be accessed via Catalpa Loop Drive off of KY52.  As you proceed down Catalpa Loop Drive you will pass the back entrance to Lake Reba on the right, the entrance to the park is farther down the road on the right hand side. The address is 2200 Catalpa Loop Drive, the entrance to Catalpa Park is marked with a sign.

I want to say that we should try to appropriately space ourselves for this event and if you have been vaccinated then you should be the most protected against COVID transmission.  If you are at a higher risk such as being elderly or with medical problems you certainly should consider wearing a mask or waiting to participate in any meetings until you have been vaccinated for COVID.  Let’s all be mindful of one another to try to be as safe as possible for our first meeting in some time, if there are any concerns you certainly are not wrong to wear a mask for protection.

I think that we will have an open forum for the first meeting and I will try to come up with some topics for discussion.  There will be no slide presentation at this meeting site, I am certainly open to any suggestions. 

My thoughts are :

1) Hank Yacek will have burlap for distribution at the meeting for the group
2) Swarming activity – there sure does seem to be a lot of activity
3) Honey production thus far this season
4) Upcoming honey harvest – how to proceed
5) Thoughts regarding wooden hive bodies versus Apimaye Hives – Over winter

I hope to see everyone there and look forward to Monday June 14 at 6 pm at Catalpa Park across from Lake Reba.

Kent Kessler
President, MCBA

Camp Catalpa

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