May 23, 2018

Hello Fellow Beekeepers,

I am excited to send this email out to our fellow Beekeepers around the Central Kentucky area and alert you to an exciting conference that the Madison County Beekeepers Association is sponsoring on Saturday July 14, 2018 at the Madison County Extension Office, 230 Duncannon Lane, Richmond KY 40475.
Enclosed is a PDF file announcing that Mel Disselkoen will be speaking to us on Saturday July 14 regarding his 40+ year experience with beekeeping and with his OTS system of queen rearing and mite control.
We want to invite everyone to come and hear this important talk.  Hopefully, weather permitting, there will be an opportunity for a hands on experience with several hives Saturday afternoon (arrangements are being made) with Mel regarding his OTS system.
We will be sending out further invitations for everyone.  If you are on this list of recipients and can forward this invitation to your ‘club’ please feel free to do so.
Kent J Kessler
Madison County Beekeepers Association

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